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There was a really cool guy with a lousy friend. He wanted to succeed in his life. But not that fast... poker first.

Casino: Gambling Review

Nicky's methods of betting weren't scientific, but they worked.

Ace Rothstein (Casino)

The movie takes us back to the times of the opened betting scams and smart guys, who performed them. Las Vegas is a city of money, power and money and power. The times of the gangsters did not simply pass. They left a huge trace in the people's lives.


The movie is based on life of the professional sports bettor and a Las Vegas casino executive Frank Rosental. He was also included into a Black Book for the numerous scams. He was also a pioneer in the sports gambling.

He was also an innovator, as he invited women to work as blackjack dealers in his casino, which doubled the income just in a year. He got married, had kids. But later they divorced, as his wife was not a really family person. She died of drug overdose. He paid $50,000 for private autopsy.

He had to leave Las Vegas as he was inscribed into the Black Book. And he moved to Miami, Florida. He had a sports betting website and consulted several offshore sports betting companies.

The Movie

Nicholas Pileggi wrote a non-fiction book Casino. He also co-wrote the screenplay for the film with Martin Scorsese, who directed the movie.

Robert De Niro incarnated Frank Rosental on the screen. He is named Sam "Ace" Rothstein in the movie. De Niro was wonderful as usual. The story starts with the explosion of his car and then goes flashback to the past events.

Sharon Stone played Ginger McKenna, the wife in the movie. She plays brilliant a Vegas hustler. She knows she is no good for marriage. Everything is spinning around dirty money, laundering, skimming and other mob type things. It is close to The Good Thief but has nothing common with romantic Cooler.


The movie was highly criticized for so much violence in it. But the feedbacks were fine, what concerns the plot. Sharon Stone was awarded with Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama and was nominated for Academy Award for Best Actress, Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Actress and MTV Movie Award for Best Female Performance.

The movie takes us to the world of Victorian era, where the customs and rules determined everything. There was also another world, the world of noble people and noble deeds, no casinos online could replace it.

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