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There was a really cool guy with a lousy friend. He wanted to succeed in his life. But not that fast... poker first.

Casino Royale and James Bond

I'm sorry. That last hand... nearly killed me.

James Bond (Casino Royale)

If you have never watched a single James Bond movie, a lot of people would not simply understand you. How can you live in this world and not know James Bond, Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. Sounds really weird and strange.

So, Bond. James Bond. He is a gambler in all possible meanings of the word. He takes risks, even if the odds are not on his side. He is gambling in a casino. He is tough and he knows what he is doing. Pretty fair. He's got license to kill and duty to save the world. Or, hold on, it is Bruce Willis, who has this duty or now someone else took it.

Gaming for Real

It is not easy, especially, when you blow 10 million stake in poker game. Then it is difficult to keep the poker face, but he is a pro and he is to win… as usual. He wins money back and the Texas Hold'em tournament too.

How could we omit the love thing? He finds his love that appears to be a betrayer and a saver at the same time. He wants to save her but does not succeed. C'est la vie…

This is the movie, filled with the risk spirit and it takes your breath away, just like any other James Bond movie. He is good, I mean Ian Fleming, who created this character. He is worthy of praise.

And this movie has many goofs and miscomprehended scenes. It usually happens if it is an action movie and the scenes are changing so fast that it is difficult to keep synergy of all the components and only the viewers will see it .

But there is another Casino Royale

Casino Royale Is Too Much for One James Bond is the slogan of Casino Royale of 1967.

It has nothing to do with Ian Fleming's novel. It is a parody but it is a funny one, as for 1967. Over 50 years passed but it is still actual.

If you are in search of the movie with less action and murders, which take place almost in each short episode, you better watch Croupier, where all the action is in the main hero's head. Or if you want reality, you can watch The Lady Gambles, where the story of a gambler is shown in all the sad and grey colors of their real life.

Of course, nothing, even the best movies ever can be compared with real gambling. But sometimes it is rather complicated task to choose a place to play. Want to know why Royal Vegas is considered to be the best for gambling?

Honestly that’s pretty easy to answer. They want you to experience everything that their members experience every day, everything that has placed them on the top internet casinos lists, and how casino games online should operate.

The movie takes us to the world of Victorian era, where the customs and rules determined everything. There was also another world, the world of noble people and noble deeds, no casinos online could replace it.

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