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There was a really cool guy with a lousy friend. He wanted to succeed in his life. But not that fast... poker first.

Classic Roulette a Game to Learn

Blaise Pascal created an early style of roulette during the 17th century. It is believed that the wheel used in roulette is a combination of the wheels used by several English games played at that time. The name “Roulette” was taken from a board game bearing the same name.

In 1796, roulette players played the same game played today. Fellow Frenchman Louis and Francois Blanc created a new single zero style wheel in 1843. They did this so they could compete against the other casinos in the German spa casino town of Homburg that offered the traditional roulette wheels.

During the 19th Century, the game of roulette became one of the most popular games in European and American casinos. The German Government decided to abolish gambling in the 1860s, which led to the Blanc family moving to Europe. They moved to Europe to establish a gambling mecca at the last remaining casino operation there. It is here in Monte Carlo that the roulette wheel with a single zero became the preferred game. The single zero wheel was exported all over the world. The double zero wheel has remained dominant in the Caribbean, Canada, the United States and South America. The single zero wheel remains dominant elsewhere.

Roulette Classic retains everything you want without too many of the unnecessary frills. Staking options start at only £1 and can go as high as £1000 per spin. Roulette Classic is a game that suits nearly any budget.

Rules of Play Against a Casino

Players can place inside bets by selecting either a small range of pockets or an exact number.

A player who wishes to bet on the ‘outside’ selects bets on the larger groupings of pockets. An outside bet can be on whether the number that wins will be even, odd or a particular pocket colour. The payout odds are based on the bets probability.

Generally a roulette table will have a minimum and maximum bet requirement. Typically, these rules are applied separately for each player’s inside and outside bets on every spin.

Some casinos choose to give each player that makes inside bets their own separate colour of chips. This helps the dealer distinguish between the players at his table.

Players may continue to place bets while the ball spins around the roulette wheel. Bets can be placed until the table’s dealer announces rien ne va plus or says no more bets.

Once the roulette wheel has determined the winning colour and number, the dealer places a marker, which is also referred to as a dolly, on the winning number located on the roulette table layout.

While the dolly remains on the table, no bets may be placed, taken away or collected by players. The dealer sweeps away the losing bets by hand or with a “rake.”

He then determines the payouts for the winning inside and outside bets. Once he has completed making all the payouts, he removes the dolly from the board.

The movie takes us to the world of Victorian era, where the customs and rules determined everything. There was also another world, the world of noble people and noble deeds, no casinos online could replace it.

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