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There was a really cool guy with a lousy friend. He wanted to succeed in his life. But not that fast... poker first.

Roulette Bets Pecularities

The smarter you play, the luckier you'll be.

Mark Pilarski

Breathe freely! It is not poker and you do not need to learn tons of rules and combinations of the cards. Roulette rules and roulette bets are easy to learn and apply. There are only three variations of the roulette game - European, American and French. And the differences are so slight that some people do not even want to take the trouble of learning them.


There are only two layouts in the roulette game. One is European and one is American. French roulette has European layout but only one red color on it. Everyone likes European variant more and your patriotic feelings would not hurt when you figure out the real difference.

So European or American? Let's settle it. In both types of roulette there is house edge. It means that the casino advantage is already included in your winnings. It does not matter if you win or lose, the casino wins anyway. Actually, for the casino it means a lot, if you lose they love you. If you are winning, they stop loving you. It is just like in the Cooler movie, where the main character cools down the hot streaks of the players till some specific moment in his life.

House Edge

The house advantage in European roulette is 2.7% and in American it is 5.26%. In European roulette there are 36 numbers and zero. It makes 37 and in American there are zero and double zero. It makes 38 pockets altogether. Have you noticed that the payout for the straight bet is 35/1. What it means? If you bet $1 and you win in a straight bet, you win $35 and you take the better dollar too. You receive $36 instead of $38. The rest of $2 divide by 38 pockets and you will receive 5.26%. Or in European roulette the rest would be $1, as there is one pocket less. And it will be 2.7%. So, which one do you like more now?


After you learn the roulette payouts it will be easier to understand how to play roulette more profitably. What concerns the worst bets; those are five-number bets (available on the American layout) and single number or straight bets. It is connected with a fact that the discrepancy between the real odds and payouts is huge.

But there are some things, which are done for fun, not following non-working strategies or systems. They are just weird bets. Nothing logical or smart, just funny and stupid things.

The movie takes us to the world of Victorian era, where the customs and rules determined everything. There was also another world, the world of noble people and noble deeds, no casinos online could replace it.

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